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paulhamer asked:

Dean, your shoot with alyssa receese outdoors was beautifully balanced in the daylight. How do you obtain such a clean exposure and shallow depth? I did not notice any evidence of overhead scrim. Varible ND?

Hi Paul, thanks for the question.

The background is pretty good distance so that helped with depth of field.

As far as lighting, you’re right, there is no scrim. The sun just happened to be in a good place so we used it as an accent/rim. It lit up her hair, shoulder and a bit of her body. We supplemented that with flash to rim her legs from the same side. Mainlight was placed on opposite side and balanced to give pleasing results. Hit me up directly if you have more questions - (deancapture “at” - love talking shop!!!


Anonymous asked:

Man, your work is so wonderful, I mean, it's above just shooting, you really must love women to give them such beauty. Is it hard to stay focus on technical parts such as lighting, posing, iso, aperture etc when you have such nude goddesses in front of you? :D

Awwwww, thanks a lot - that made my day :)

I try to focus only on the technical stuff before the model arrives on the set and as little as possible throughout the shoot itself. During the shoot, I want to focus more on the aesthetic of the shoot and how to flatter the model and make her as beautiful as possible. Of course a shoot is a mix of technical & aesthetic so knowing when to switch my brain from one to the other is the big challenge. For me, it’s an ever evolving practice.

From a purely sexual standpoint, which is what I think you are referring, no - it’s not that difficult to target the job at hand. “Most” of the models that I deal with are professional, focused and there for only one reason….to collaborate with me to produce beautiful pictures & video. Models in our industry are “hit-on” all the time by producers who want to have sex with them. I hear a lot of stories like that on our shoots from girls who’ve been put in very uncomfortable situations like that. On our shoots, we want the models to feel as safe and comfortable as possible and that means knowing how to act in a professional manner and stay focused on what is important.

Lastly, as a producer… I have a million problems/challenges to resolve during a day long shoot. There is no time to focus on anything else except doing a good job. If I screw something up, that could mean thousands of dollars out of my pocket. If I screw it up too bad, that could mean no more shoots for that client. Really, it’s too much to risk by acting like just another sleazy guy with a camera.

Thanks for the shout-out and Happy Holidays to ya!



Anonymous asked:

Are you part owner of Twistys? Have you ever shot for any other sites? I've never seen anything other than Twistys stuff from you.

LOL not part owner of Twistys but I’ve been asked that question before. I’ve been shooting for them since 2005 and a lot of people associate me with the work that I’ve done for them over the years.

I’ve shot for other sites and magazines over the years : )

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